So, as you probably know already we are a speciality tea brand – yes - I know there are many of us out there but none of them do what we do! This post is made up from just some of the reasons why we are unique. BRURU to us is a vision and that vision is to help support the mental wellbeing of us all through our blends and of course; our love of leaves. So, hey, this is me, I am the founder and I’m here to tell you all about it...

Okay, before I go on, I thought it would be polite of me to start by sending my deepest condolences for this first post you’re your about to read. I'm not really used to blogging so it could be flakey, comical at times - unintentionally, and well, the blog will hopefully carry on to be something wonderful - eventually! If you can ride it out and just think to yourselves that basically you are one of the greats – one of the early birds and I’m exceptionally appreciative of that!

'The Science Behind the Blend' became our slogan because not only have I studied long and hard in the world of biology, microbiology and other sciences (blowing one’s trumpet of course *rolls eyes, smirks*), but science plays a major role in this business. Everyone of our unique teas have been carefully constructed and researched by myself and then scrutinised and cleared by a specialist tea biologist too, cool, we know! Hopefully as our brand grows and develops you guys will become to trust our slogan and our vision and you know, take pride in BRUing our blends because let’s face it, we couldn’t do any of this without you!


In 2015 I found myself, as people do from time to time, in lets call it a very strange place. I had then only one child of 4 years, a very recent ex partner - the father of that child - a lonely house, a full time job - which I hated, oh and a cat - lets not forget the cat. I at this time I was a tea lover - more of a Tetley's tea bag lover with 10 biscuits, full fat milk and the soaps, never the less I loved it! Cutting a long story short in this strange I found myself struggling to drag myself out of bed on a morning, not seeping on a night, over weight, and just miserable, I was plodding - pretty aimlessly. Now, no joke, after months I genuinely one day in the tea isle of Tesco found myself searching for answers - within my shopping, it sounds ridiculous but I was looking for something to help me. My findings were toffee tea - which tasted like, well not toffee put it that way, along with an array of flavoured herbal teas with pretty boxes, a few went into my basket and then nothing changed apart from I had a cupboard full of stale teabags by the end of 2015! Anyway, December of that year I had n idea, what if I could make tea that really did help, that assisted the influence of happy hormones and really did make a change? So that's what I did and was born A Cup of Happy. My friends are well in tune with this tea as - I LIVED by it. I found myself drinking A Cup of Happy every morning, every afternoon and without fail A Cup of Happy every evening. What happened? So, I started to slip out of bed every morning easier, then I ate a little bit better, then I started losing weight and drinking more herbal tea and ridding water retention. Before I knew it no lie I was a size 8-10. With this growing confidence I found a new job and then I had vision, this change was what I wanted to show the world. So from then on I looked at every aspect of my life and created a tea to help - it worked. Immune Boost, Feel Alive, Aphroteasiac, Love Yourself and more. Anyway, I will forever live by my story, its changed my life. I now, 3 years down the line have founded a business in speciality herbal tea, have 2 children (with my ex who actually isn't my ex anymore! lucky him hey *laughs*). If I'm honest I had tried 4 years to get out of that rut and feel happy and youthful again and its pretty annoying how I did it and didn't really mean to! That's where change the way you think by the way you drink was born - that's exactly what I did.

So, back to business, the mental/physical wellbeing of people has been a clear influence on why we do what we do – of course, what do we know? – well, we know enough to understand that there are a growing number of young, vulnerable and somewhat wonderful homeless people on our streets. Yep! Just because they live rough don’t mean they were never successful, strong and still aren’t wonderful beings. Some even played a major part in keeping yourself, your parents and grandparents safe defending our country; the stories are endless. Of course, we want to be involved with fighting this epidemic both physically and financially. Now, we are just a start up business who dream of making a difference, which means financially we may not be able to do much - YET. To start the ball rolling we have invested in corporate partnership with Centre Point charity (https://centrepoint.org.uk). They are widely known for their sponsored sleepouts, helping keep warm, feed and rehome some of the kids on our streets. A whopping 90% of people move on positively with help from these guys. We pledge to have at the end of our first year of trading donated at least 15% of our profits to help. We also want to provide hot tea & smiling faces to Centre Point and anyone who needs us at their fund raising campaigns. Get in touch if you need us! FINALLY we hope to one day have our own campaigns kickin’ ass on the UK streets!


Our 7 blends help boost happy hormones and change the way people think by the way they drink.. basically, if you haven’t gathered already we care about how you feel inside. We have 3 new blends in the pipeline and we can’t wait to share them! The feedback has been phenomenal, thank you, and if you haven’t already please share your thoughts with us. Try it - make a BRU with us, even just replace your morning tea to start, after all, they say that one positive thought in the morning can change your entire day, along with BRURU you can change your entire life. Thank you so much, you don't know how grateful  we are!


Kelly Robson
Owner & Tea Lover

For charity enquiries please email info@bruru.co.uk

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