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Naturally boost your sexual appetite by adding me into your daily
routine. As well as jump starting your mojo, drinking me 3 times in your
daily routine I will also give you relief from unwanted water retention
and help you get back to feeling youthful - in more ways than
one *wink wink*

Health Benefits
Rooibos is considered an aphrodisiac as well as relaxant for its ability to calm the mind and body. Since recorded history cinnamon has been praised as an aphrodisiac that increases sexual desires. Cinnamon is thought of as being one of the best spices for bringing on the “heat” in the body, because it increases the
appetite, both physical and sexual. Muira Puama is known in some circles as
"the Viagra of the Amazon". Studies on the root of this plant have
shown a significant improvement in both erectile function and sexual desire.
Orange peel are widely used in Aroma therapy as Orange is said to increase
sexual appetite.

Rooibos, Cinnamon, Muira Puama, orange peels, natural flavouring.

 Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians