Calm Your Ass Down

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Relax and unwind with a cup of Calm Your Ass Down. When anxiety makes it difficult to concentrate, or to remember names or important facts, the combination of the psychoactive substances in this blend can help penetrate the brain and aid focus and information retention and ease a stressful mind.

Health Benefits

Green tea: Contains L-theanine which affects Alpha Waves in the brain & increases dopamine Levels and increases GABA (Gamma-Amino-Butyric Acid). Lavender flowers: In folklore, pillows were filled with lavender flowers to help restless people fall sleep. Scientific evidence suggests that aromatherapy with lavender may slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, and lift mood in people suffering from sleep disorders. Several studies suggest that lavender aromatherapy may help reduce agitation in people with dementia. Valerian root: Valerian is traditionally used as a sleep aid. Many people use valerian root to help them get to sleep when they're suffering from insomnia. Found effective in soothing symptoms of anxiety.



Green tea, Lavender flowers, valerian
root, vanilla pieces, natural flavouring

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians