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Making the morning after that little more bearable by helping replenish lost essentials through alcohol consumption. The perfect blend of ingredients from around the globe combined to create a beutiful flavour and a very useful blend!

Drink me once before bed (always with a sober person), and then 3 times the following day to help ease any adverse effects caused by alcohol. Obviously, feel free to drink me any other time around that for your own pleasure!


Turmeric root pieces (22%), Olive leaf (16.5%), Apple pieces (16%), Meadowsweet (11%), Valerian root pieces (11%), Ginger root pieces (10%),Cysteine powder(5.5%), beetroot pieces (4.36%), goji berries (1.65%), White willow bark (1%),safflower petals (.33%), rose petals (.33%) Natural flavour (.33%)